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Understanding How Social Media Trends Apply to Your Business in 2020

9 Social Media Trends in 2020

Many people spend most of their free time on social media. Some people are even addicted to social media. They check their social media feeds every free time they get. Additionally, more companies and businesses use social media to connect with their target customers. Knowing all the social media trends in 2020 can help you keep up with your competitors. If you are thinking of using social media to promote your small business, use it because social media marketing brings highly targeted traffic.

Here are the social media trends in 2020.

1. Quality Content

Content posted on social is usually available for a short duration. Unfortunately, most people have a short attention span. To capture the attention of social media users, create short and engaging content. If people love your content, they will spend several hours scrolling through your social media posts. Creating high-quality social media posts will become more important in 2020 if you want to get more customers.

2. Social Commerce

Most brands use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to sell their products. That means social commerce will expand because more brands will use social media platforms to sell their product. Additionally, social media platforms are introducing features such as shoppable posts, which make it easier to sell products on these platforms. This means more people will shop on social media.

3. Video Content

Video content is not going anywhere. It is going to dominate social media in 2020. Videos already dominate social media because most social media users love watching videos on social media. If you are not using video content, it is time to create them. It is easy to create video content these days. You can even create video content using your smartphone. Videos will dominate social media in 2020, so focus more on video content. Videos are also great for building brands and trust.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been going on for a while. Influencers dominate social media. Brands pay influencers to promote their brands. The number of influencers has been increasing every year. This is because it is much cheaper to pay an influencer than to run paid ad campaigns on social media. Also, influencer marketing delivers good results. Therefore, influencer marketing will continue to rise in 2020.

5. Using Social Media for Customer Service

Most brands use social media for customer service. This is because most people spend their time on social media, so they prefer sending a message to their favorite brands on social media. Social media is becoming a customer service channel. Therefore, having good customer service on social media can help brands build trust with potential customers. This means more brands will use social media for customer service.

6. Local Targeting

It is becoming easy to target any audience of social media. In 2020 and beyond, more local businesses will use social media to build their brand. They will use location-based targeting to attract local customers. Therefore, local targeting will become more prevalent as more local businesses use social media. Geo-tagging social media posts and stories can help local brands attract a local audience on social media.

7. User-Generated Content

Some brands leverage user-generated content. Most of these brands encourage their customers to create content and share them on social media. If you have been using social media to promote your business, you can leverage user-generated content because it will continue being popular. Also, user-generated is free and it can help you build trust with potential customers. It is also perfect for building a brand. If you have a big social media following, it is easy to get user-generated content.

8. Social Media Communities

Social media communities are another social media trend that will keep rising in 2020. Brands create social media communities, such as Facebook Groups, to provide a networking platform for their customers. People joining these private groups have shared interests. Most brands use such groups to engage with their current customers and to learn the problems of their customers. Therefore, these brands provide solutions to the problems of their customers.

9. Stories

Social media stories will keep increasing. For example, Instagram Stories are very dominant. Do not just post stories for the sake of posting them. Create stories that will amaze your audience. If they love your stories, they are more likely to trust you. If you can make your social media stories funny, engaging, and informative, you will get several social media followers quickly.

These are social media trends in 2020. Do not just look at these trends and assume them. They are effective and they will bring targeted traffic if you implement them. However, most small businesses are afraid of trying new marketing strategies. If you want to take your business to the next level, focus on social media marketing. Social media marketing works. And it one of the cheapest internet marketing strategies.